My Declaration of Freedom

I want food, shelter, transportation, and abundant clean energy for everyone on the planet.

I know there is already enough for everyone. There is more than enough. There always has been.

I believe this is the natural balance of the universe.

Yet, currently on this world resources are horded, hidden, and controlled by a very small number of our population through global systems and our own paradigms that blind us.

This hording leaves all of us in lack. We all are falling short of what can be.

We must by this point in time be convinced, by proof of history, effort, and logic that our current paradigms and systems on this planet do not allow this natural balance of nature to exist.

It is also evident through proof of history, effort, and logic that these current systems cannot and will not be changed or repaired or improved by any amount of time, effort or force of will.

Furthermore, I am sick of waiting for leaders, for saviors, for things to get better.  We must do it ourselves.

This brings us to no other choice. These systems must be replaced, and replaced by us.

This does not require a revolution.

This does not require fighting nor struggle nor political will.

This solely will transpire when we do it.

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