#5 Our Governance Must Be Voluntary, Decentralized, And Local

DecentralizationOur governance must be a collection of voluntary, decentralized, local governments of the forms chosen by the local individuals volunteering to be a part of said groups. Each of these groups must be free to interact on whatever level they agree upon with the other groups. Trade, monetary systems, and even defense will be worked out on a group by group basis to be dealt with individually or in alliances with other groups.

For this to work we must accept all forms of self governance that others choose as long as they apply to the Non-Aggression Principle. This really is that simple. It is called tolerance. Humans by nature are kind, giving, and tolerant when given the chance. When left to do so, we are able and best capable of governing ourselves.

Our current ever increasing centralized government is not working. It is only getting worse. The experiment of centralized democracy has failed. We have figured out that even at its best it is nothing more than the majority forcing its will upon the minority by violence (law). At its worse it becomes corporatism and tyranny.

It is time to let it go and create what works for all of us.

I urge you to look into this principle yourself and decide for yourself.
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