#1 The Non-Aggression Principle

tumblr_mfmc5b3ROf1rll4lqo1_500-300x181I believe that the non-aggression principle will be key for us to create a just, fair, and safe society after the coming transition.

The non-aggression principle is a philosophical axiom which states that it is inherently wrong to initiate or threaten force. An individual or group aggressing against another individual or group is committing an illegitimate act. While initiating violence is forbidden, self-defense resisting violence (when reasonable) is considered moral, and is encouraged to prevent further aggression.

In essence, it states that no force is acceptable except in defense. This non-aggression principle has overreaching ramifications to the current power structures.

Here is a video that addresses this concept within a warning to activists that are wanting to start violence.

I urge you to look into this principle yourself and decide for yourself.
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