Bombing Syria

Mark my words bombing Syria will start WWIII. It will be the US vs. Syria, Iran, China, and Russia. These countries have warned the US that this will be the consequences to this or any overt aggression in Syria.

Make no mistake this is known by the US government and they are purposefully antagonizing these countries into an open war.

You see we are months if not weeks away from global financial collapse that will make 2007/2008 look like a day at the beach. This collapse will destroy the financial global power of the US which is based on the petrodollar. Global war has always been a classic distraction from the real cause of financial collapse which is the abuse of the monetary system.

Do not support this action of aggression in Syria. Not only will it kill hundreds of thousands of people it will potentially start a global devastation never before seen. Talk to your friends about it. Post your opinions on any and all social media channels. These days are crucial to the future of humankind.

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