Breathe The Free Air Of The Earth

imagesAs we awaken we remember one core piece. This core piece is that we, each and everyone of us, are independent, capable individuals able to guide our own destiny. And furthermore, we no longer have a need for leaders to tell us what to do, what to believe, how to act or what our morality should or should not be.

This is the true awakening.

We are remembering that we are able to govern ourselves, each of us as individuals, each of us as our own leader. Our simple standard of governance is love and do no harm.

People are good when left to be so. Now we are awake and will be left to be so.

We know this like a new born knows how to nurse. We know this like the bear knows to hibernate.

Centralized governance is no longer needed, nor wanted. The human race has awoken and evolved.┬áThe momentum has shifted and the people of Earth have said, “Enough!” to war, poverty, and violence.

What we are witnessing now around the world is solely the temper tantrums of the old governance that does not want to give up its power. But it must as all things must cede to the new.

You see, we have won. All that is left is the transition, the changing of the seasons per se. The old is withering and dying. And in its place the new is growing and thriving.

Breathe the free air of the Earth.

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