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Global Financial Situation In a Nutshell

In a nutshell.

Since WWWII the world has used US dollars to settle international trade, first by agreement (Bretton Woods Agreement), then by force from 1960’s on.  Gadahfi, Sadam Hussein, Iran, Syria and many other have attempted to do international trade outside the dollar, and were either bombed into submission, murdered, bankrupted, or had a CIA based coup (Operation Ajax -Iran 1951) in their country.

This need for dollars to do international trade created a demand for US dollars, thus holding up it’s value.   Supply and Demand.   Now the rest of the world is sick of it (mass murder, destruction, and massive money printing). So they are creating alliances to use other currencies, along with oil, gold, and other goods to settle international trade. These alliances are backed by Russia and China, two foes that cannot be attacked directly, unlike Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.
The effect these new alliances outside of the dollar is two fold. First of all, the demand for dollars will go down, decreasing its value. Secondly, foreign governments have literally trillions of dollars in reserve.  Think of a reserve as a savings account for countries to be used when needed for international trading.  As these governments move away from using the dollar for trade they will have less need to hold as much in reserve. So, they will starting spending these reserves to buy real goods, as Russia and China have already begun. This will create yet another increase in the amount of dollars in circulation, thus decreasing the value of the dollar even more.
Does this all make sense?

What Is Currently Going On Across The Globe

1) Straddle a government with unpayable debt.

2) Impoverish the people by making them pay off this unpayable debt.

3) Sell off/seize public assets to “help” pay off this unpayable debt.

4) Create calamity [financial collapse, civil war, riots, etc. ]

5) Offer up more centralized control to “save” the people.

Ages old strategy. Nothing more complex than this. Things are going just as planned. There is no crisis. This is all theatre.

The End of Oppression – Part 1: The Problem

“The End of Oppression” is a six-part series of videos which show what it will take for humanity to finally outgrow and escape its long history of violence and oppression.

Part One (“The Problem”) explains why it is not greed, hatred, or merely the nature of man which is preventing humanity from achieving peace, prosperity and freedom for all.

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The Rush to Get Out of The USD Has Started

Custody Holdings_1

It has started. The rush on the Bullion banks is all but complete. And now the rush to get out of the USD could be in full swing. Know your history. We are in the end game of the world reserve currency reset. This is the 7th transition in the last 650 years.

EarthShips ~ A Home That Maintains You

Credit: www.earthship.comEarthships have been around for over 30 years and just now they are becoming the rage. They are popular not just for sustainable housing, but for providing food and energy all in one… for free. That is right, no more utility bills, no more fossil fuels.
If you do not know about them, you will.

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Time to Buy Gold and Silver

Holy crap. It is time to buy your gold and silver. The manipulation scheme is out in the mainstream. It is now only a matter of time.

According to an article in Reuters:

* German regulator has been investigating gold-fixing process

* Deutsche move comes after scaling back commodity business

* Others may follow Deutsche’s lead – source

* Deutsche, rivals embroiled in probes of FX, interest rates

By Eric Onstad

LONDON, Jan 17 (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank will withdraw from gold and silver benchmark price setting, it said on Friday, as European regulators investigate suspected manipulation of precious metals prices by banks.

Read the full article here:




Patrick Byrne had some very strong words on bitcoin and economist Paul Krugman

According to -Truth in Media website –

“Kurt Wallace of recently interviewed CEO Dr. Patrick Byrne who had some very strong words on bitcoin and economist Paul Krugman.

Bryne calls Krugman’s economic theology “extreme and magical.” He goes on to say that Krugman’s thinking has no ties to reality.

Bryne tells Wallace that he hopes Bitcoin will destroy central banking. The online retailer recently made headlines for accepting bitcoins as payment.”

You can listen to the entire interview here: Now Accepts Bitcoin

According to CNBC, Patrick M. Byrne, chairman and CEO of stated:


“ has become the first major online shopping retailer to commit to accepting the digital currency bitcoin as payment in exchange for any of our million products. We are doing this for both business and philosophical reasons.”

“First, the business reasons: There are large numbers of holders of bitcoin who are eager to patronize firms that will accept this form of payment, but so far, their options have been limited. I believe that by being the first major online retailer to accept bitcoin, we will tap into a significant group of loyal consumers, and as a result our share of the overall market will grow.

“Now, the philosophical reasons: I believe limited government is a better business model for our nation than is unlimited government (and limited government has the additional benefit of being consistent with our Constitution). Among the many vices of authoritarianism is that it can sustain itself only by offering more things to more people than it can actually deliver, and one way it makes up the difference is by debasing its currency.”
In addition, the cost of carrying out credit-card transactions is roughly 2 percent. Given that our net margin is also approaching 2 percent, the avoidance of such fees will make bitcoin sales that much more profitable.”

2014: The Year of Action

2013 was the year of education and awakening.  At this point if youdon’t know, you are not paying attention. At this point if you not awake, you are not wanting to be awake. 2014 is the year of action. You know who you are. You are the one to take action. (see suggestions below.)

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear the government of The United States of America no longer exists. There has been a coup and it is now fully complete. The checks and balances of the branches of government have been ignored and abolished. The power now fully rests within the executive branch. There is no rule of law. We have a two tiered justice system where bankers and corporations can steal billions of dollars and then get bonuses for millions of dollars, while common people spend 20 years in prison for having a ounce of marijuana. Billions of dollars go to these same corporations and banks every month in tax payer funded subsidies while the workers can’t by food.  Our rights of privacy, self defense, due process, and sovereignty are being striped from us at an astounding rate. These are all classic acts of a desperate government that knows it is losing its power and control. Let’s finish them off.

Do not protest. Do not fight. Don’t even try to fix this broken system. Make it irrelevant. Create your own systems that benefit you, your family, your friends, and your community. Take complete responsibility for yourself.

Here are the points I suggest:

Media strike: Stop funding the corporate media that is lying to you. Cancel your cable, your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, watch internet and alternative media and entertainment instead.

Tax strike: Do not fund the illegal and immoral wars. If you pay taxes you are funding the murder of hundreds of thousand of innocent people.  In Iraq alone the DC Regime has openly admitted to the killing of 500,000 children. And they said it was worth it. Video Here. Do not file your taxes.

Bank strike: Open an account at a small local credit union. Take all but your minimum expenses needed for the month out of the bank. Hold on to real cash in hand. Banks use your deposited money to create money out of thin air and then charge people to borrow it. Plus, once you deposit your money in a bank legally it is no longer your money, but instead it is an unsecured investment in the bank. When the banks collapse they will take your money to pay off other banks leaving you with nothing.

Credit strike: Pay off all your debt. Debt is how the banks enslave you and fund their machines of destruction.

Consumer strike: Only purchase used or locally made products and food. Invest in your neighborhood and community. A handful of super corporations own and control almost all of the mass produced goods. These are the corporations that have bought the government and write the laws for their benefit. Stop funding them.

Monetary strike: The Federal Reserve is creating US dollars at a breakneck speed just to keep up the appearance of financial stability. Their current rate of currency creation is over 1 Trillion dollars per year. Every dollar they create reduces the value of your cash and savings. Get out of the dollar. Buy real things and get out of all government currencies. Buy real gold or silver that you hold in your hand. Buy bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Financial Market strike: All markets are manipulated by the central banks of the governments. The only reason the stock market is currently rising is due to the fact the Federal Reserve is printing currency and forcing interest rates to be low and remain low. This forces investors into higher risk investments within the stock market. Cash out of all paper assets, this includes stocks, bonds, treasury bills, retirement funds and anything else that is not real in your hand.  Cash out, pay the penalties and then invest in a local business that creates something real, or buy something real of lasting value.

Energy strike: Convert everything you can to solar or wind power.  The petroleum/fossil fuel industry is one of the cores of destruction and corruption of this planet. If you use fossil fuels you are funding the machine that is robbing you and destroying the planet.

The current system is in its last days. Do what you can to not only help finish it off, but to prepare for the massive transition that is in process. The opportunities that exist right now have never been seen in all of the history of humanity.

Take action. Do what you can. Take responsibility for yourself. Do not wait for heroes nor saviors, be one.