Abridged Version

My Declaration of Freedom

I want food, shelter, transportation, and abundant clean energy for everyone on the planet.

I know there is already enough for everyone. There is more than enough. There always has been.

I believe this is the natural balance of the universe.

Yet, currently on this world resources are horded, hidden, and controlled by a very small number of our population through global systems and our own paradigms that blind us.

This hording leaves all of us in lack. We all are falling short of what can be.

We must by this point in time be convinced, by proof of history, effort, and logic that our current paradigms and systems on this planet do not allow this natural balance of nature to exist.

It is also evident through proof of history, effort, and logic that these current systems cannot and will not be changed or repaired or improved by any amount of time, effort or force of will.

Furthermore, I am sick of waiting for leaders, for saviors, for things to get better.  We must do it ourselves.

This brings us to no other choice. These systems must be replaced, and replaced by us.

This does not require a revolution.

This does not require fighting nor struggle nor political will.

This solely will transpire when we do it.


Two things

If you control money you can control energy. If you control energy you control growth, movement, and prosperity.

The forces that own and control our money and energy extract our wealth from us on an ongoing basis, year after year, decade after decade and century after century.

We are prisoners of our minds. We are prisoners of our own agreed upon paradigms.

That’s life. That’s just the way it is. It’s always been that way. I’m just one person, what can I do?

If we change our paradigms we will change our thoughts. When we think differently we make different choices and act differently.  When we act differently we get a different reality.


Some current money paradigms:

  • Our system has always been this way.
  • Our governments have our best interest in mind.
  • Inflation is a natural fact of economics.

Our current monetary system is controlled by private central banks that are accountable to no one.  They print money at will and adjust the interest rates to change markets for their sole benefit.

Add to this the fractional banking system that creates debt based money and there is no way for the masses to ever pay their ever increasing debt with the ever decreasing value of their money. They must increasingly work more to pay more and more, never escaping.


Some current energy paradigms:

  • Energy is a scarce resource.
  • Oil, coal, and natural gas are the only real viable energy sources.
  • Alternative energy is too expensive.

Our current energy system is owned by a handful of companies that control all of the Earth’s energy resources. These few companies dictate energy prices and therefore dictate our level of prosperity.

Energy replaces human effort; therefore energy is the core of civilization.

Scarce, sellable energy is mandatory for the current top down control system to work.


This is your world. Make it what you want.

We fund the elites that have suppressed us for generations through the control of energy and money. When we stop funding them the current systems no longer have power and the natural balance of abundance will appear.


Taking  Action

Some new paradigms about money:

  • Only money based on real assets is real.
  • If you can’t hold it in your hand it does not exist.

Some new paradigms about energy:

  • Clean energy is everywhere.
  • Renewable energies are the best and cheapest forms of energy.

Here are some new paradigms about humanity that will go a long way in helping us out on our goal:

  • People are good.
  • Given the chance people will reach a natural balance with each other and nature.
  • The people know what is best for the people.
  • We can change the world anytime we want.

Ways you can take back the control of your money

  • If you must have a checking account make sure it is in a local credit union not owned by a national or international bank.
  • Barter and trade whenever possible to bypass the monetary system.
  • Only use cash or checks at most – Do not use debit cards or credit cards.
  • Invest in local businesses instead of 401k’s etc.

Ways you can take back the control of energy

Without scarce, controlled, and sellable energy the largest, most profitable and most powerful corporations in the world that fund the elites would cease to exist.

  • Use renewable energy of some type in your home or business… even if it is just a tiny bit.
  • Use public transportation when available.
  • Ride a bike or walk for short trips.
  • Use Biodiesel vehicles (or electric vehicles at worst).
  • Buy only used goods from local merchants, garage sales, second hand stores etc.
  • When necessary only buy new products from local manufacturers. (Avoid all big box stores)
  • Instead of owning a vehicle, share a vehicle with friends or family, or at least use a vehicle sharing service such as City Car Share, Zip Car etc.

These steps taken by us will initially weaken and then in time remove the systems that are keeping us from being what we are meant to be.

When this takes place the abundance of the world and our true balanced nature will emerge.

This is simply a choice. It is not about lowering the quality of your life. It is voting with your dollars.

Pick three and do them. Do more or all of them if you can.

See the world for what it truly is. 

Stop funding the systems that do not benefit you. 

Replace the current systems with systems where we all can thrive.


This is the solution.  This is my solution.      –Bill Ayers