Some new paradigms about energy:

  • Clean energy is everywhere.
  • Renewable energies are the best and cheapest forms of energy.
  • Alternative clean energy sources already exist and can be put into place now.
  • When we use fossil fuels we destroy our land and ourselves.

Ways you can take back the control of energy

Without scarce, controlled, and sellable energy the largest, most profitable and most powerful corporations in the world that fund the elites would cease to exist.

  • Use renewable energy of some type in your home or business… even if it is just a tiny bit.
  • Use public transportation when available.
  • Ride a bike or walk for short trips.
  • Buy only local food from organic farms – Get to know the farmers.
  • Use Biodiesel vehicles (or electric vehicles at worst).
  • Buy only used goods from local merchants, garage sales, second hand stores etc.
  • When necessary only buy new products from local manufacturers. (Avoid all big box stores)
  • Instead of owning a vehicle, share a vehicle with friends or family, or at least use a vehicle sharing service such as City Car Share, Zip Car etc.


Bit by bit, piece by piece these steps taken by us will initially weaken and then in time remove the systems that are keeping us from being what we are meant to be. When this takes place the abundance of the world and our true balanced nature will emerge.

Doing these steps is simply a choice. It is not about lowering the quality of your life. It is voting with your dollars. These simple steps disempower the systems that do not benefit you.

Pick three and do them. Do more or all of them if you can.