Some new paradigms about money:

  • Only money based on real assets is real.
  • If you can’t hold it in your hand it does not exist.
  • Only truly free markets can dictate value.
  • All un-backed (fiat) currencies fail.

Ways you can take back the control of your money

Without the masses agreeing to use a debt based fiat currency the controlling elite would not be able use debt to enslave us.  And if fact, they would lose their own funding source… us.

  • If you must have a checking account make sure it is in a local credit union not owned by a national or international bank.
  • Barter and trade whenever possible to bypass the monetary system.
  • Only use cash or checks at most – Do not use debit cards or credit cards.
  • Invest in local businesses instead of 401k’s etc.
  • Take your money out of the stock market and invest in local businesses or in real assets that you can hold in your hand.
  • Buy 1 oz of silver every month.  Buy more if you can. (Fiat currency is in direct competition with gold and silver)
  • Put your savings in hard assets such as gold or silver. (the metals, not stocks)


Bit by bit, piece by piece these steps taken by us will initially weaken and then in time remove the systems that are keeping us from being what we are meant to be. When this takes place the abundance of the world and our true balanced nature will emerge.

Doing these steps is simply a choice. It is not about lowering the quality of your life. It is voting with your dollars. These simple steps disempower the systems that do not benefit you.

Pick three and do them. Do more or all of them if you can.