The federal reserve steals your money and wealth through deception and force.

The federal reserve is a private bank that creates money out of nothing then loans it to the U.S. government with interest. This happens even though the U.S. government has the authority to create money itself in the exact same way for literally no cost and without interest to be paid back to anyone.

But in the current system, because of this “loan”, the people of the United States are forced to pay back this interest. Over one half of the revenue generated by income tax in the U.S. goes to pay off this unnecessary interest to the private bank called the federal reserve. There is nothing federal about the federal reserve.This is pure theft through deception.

If anyone catches on to this scam and refuses to pay their taxes, then people come to their door with guns and put them in a cage. This is theft by force and intimidation.

Furthermore on an even larger scale, the rest of the world is forced to buy and sell oil in U.S. dollars, thus the petrodollar. The U.S. military is the enforcer of this system. If a country refuses to play along the military intervenes and replaces the government with someone who will do what they want.

This system creates a false high demand for the dollar keeping its value much higher than it really is. The military is funded by this system and therefore has extreme need to keep it in place. The federal reserve profits by this high value of their product, the petrodollar, so they are motivated to keep the whole system in place.

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