What Can We Do to Stop This Run Away Government Controlled by The Bankers and Corporate Elite?

What can we do to stop this run away government controlled by the bankers and corporate elite?  Start simple and take away their power. Their power is the control of currency. So take your money out of their systems and hold it yourself.

Every pay check withdraw all the cash you can and pay as many of your expenses as you can with cash. Do not use credit cards or debit cards if at all possible. Also, pay down your debts as much as possible every month.

Doing these simple steps will de-leverage their control. As more and more of us do this it will be exponentially more effective due to the fractional banking systems currently in place.  Taking out 1000 dollars will take away up to $10,000 of the banks ability to create cash out of thin air.

If you really believe in doing something then cash out your retirement accounts and any investments you have in treasury bonds, the stock market, etc. This will have the same de-leveraging effect on the banks that are stealing from us. Take this cash and buy real things like food, water, precious metals, and keep some cash on hand to live on.  Maybe even think about investing in a local business that provides needed goods or services for the community.

Together we must replace this system that no longer benefits us. It will not change on it’s own accord.

This may not be painless nor easy, but we must act now or pay a greater price in the future.

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